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You Can Edit Your LinkedIn Profile Without Announcing It To The World

Have you ever tweaked your job title on LinkedIn, only to find that all of a sudden your connections are congratulating you on the new job? So have I, and it was annoying to say the least – especially as it happened to me as I was about to leave that position. It’s because your default setting is for LinkedIn to broadcast all your activities to your network.

If you run your own business or you’re looking for a new job, this could be a good thing as it reminds your contacts of what you do. The next thing you know, there could be several new opportunities in your inbox. However, if you are looking for a new job and don’t want your employer to know yet, then you don’t want to be broadcasting the fact that you are tidying up your profile.

Here’s how to change your settings:

1. Access the ‘Privacy & Settings’ section from the ‘Account & Settings Menu’

Edit LinkedIn Profile Step 1


2. Under ‘Profile’ click the ‘Turn on/off your activity broadcasts’ option

Edit LinkedIn Profile Step 2

3. Untick the box and save your changes

Edit LinkedIn Profile Step 3

Now make your profile changes! You can turn this back on at any time, so you could always turn it off to make certain changes that you don’t want to broadcast.

Alternatively, you can go straight into editing your profile and make sure that you have selected ‘No’ in the ‘Notify your network’ on the right hand side:

Notify Your Network

Bethany Carter,  June 10, 2014

2 Responses to “You Can Edit Your LinkedIn Profile Without Announcing It To The World”

  1. Catherine Sweet (@CSweetPR)

    A blog post that hits the spot- useful, jargon free and easy to follow advice for us tech challenged folk- that’s my girl!

  2. Bethany Ansell

    I’m glad you think so Catherine, thank you! If you ever come across another technical challenge like this, let me know and I’ll try and work out the best solution for you.

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