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Win Favour With Your Responses On Instagram

Instagram is not just a place to post your beautifully crafted images, it’s also a medium to improve engagement with your customers and followers. The comments section is too often ignored, when it should be a key focus. Here are some tips on how to respond to the various interactions you might receive on Instagram…

Emojis only

If a user only comments with an emoji, there is no need to acknowledge this, unless you want to. If you choose to, an appropriate response might be to use an emoji in response and @ mention them. The same goes for one-word comments. There’s a lot you can say with an emoji!

Reviews and High Praise

This is the best, isn’t it? Always thank the person who leaves positive comments on your feed. They took the time to do this for you and deserve your acknowledgement, whether it be a simple “thank you” or a more detailed reply. Don’t forget to ask for permission to use their review on your website or other marketing material in the future.

Negative and Destructive Comments

Negative comments can be harmful to your business if not dealt with quickly and efficiently. Take the time to read the feedback and if it is legitimate, ask the user for their email address or send them a direct message addressing their issues. Be sure to @ mention them within the feed to let them know they will be getting a personal response from you soon. Not only are you handling that important customer’s complaint but you are also showing to your other customers and followers that you are committed to great customer service. 


If you receive questions from followers, always respond. If you don’t, it is just plain rude! It suggests to your audience that you are not concerned about them. Should you need to respond at length, ask for their contact details and call or email them. Once again, mention them on the feed to say that you will contact them personally so that your other customers can see that you take requests seriously.

Spam Mentions

If someone has posted a spammy comment, think before you respond. If you are sure it’s spam, the best course of action is to report the violation and block that user’s handle. If another user has tagged you or your business in a photo that isn’t relevant to you, you can simply opt to hide it from your profile.

Bethany Carter,  February 22, 2017

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