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Why I Love Facebook Advertising

When I talk about Facebook advertising it’s often met with groans and sighs, usually from those with business Pages who feel frustrated about the steep decline in organic reach.

The fact is that if you want to have a successful business page on Facebook, you will need to put some money into reaching new audiences and even your existing fans and communities.

There are 1.44 billion active monthly users on Facebook and 963 million log in daily. In the UK there are 24 million active daily users and it’s also the country with the greatest percentage of the population using Facebook. The average person on Facebook ‘likes’ 40 pages. (source: DMR)

So imagine that someone has 200 friends and likes 40 pages, and those friends and pages are posting content several times a day. Even if that person opts to only see the ‘most recent’ updates in their newsfeed, many will be missed.

Facebook has a sophisticated algorithm that considers hundred of factors before selecting the updates to serve in a person’s news feed. The average amount of posts that are eligible to appear in one user’s news feed each day is 1,500.

We have content ‘coming out of our ears’ (a phrase my Dad likes to use) so if you want to ensure your business updates are seen by the intended audience, you need a budget.

I am a huge Facebook fan and I’ll tell you why…

Lemon Squeezy Loves Facebook

It’s all about the targeting. Of all the social networks that offer native advertising, I have found that Facebook has the most sophisticated and effective targeting system. If you are a small business with a niche local market, it is your playground.

Here at Lemon Squeezy Marketing, we recently launched a hyperlocal Facebook advertising campaign for a client with a budget of just £50.

We targeted a very specific demographic who live in a small town in Dorset with a simple offer. We ran this advert for an entire month and responded to the comments that came in during this period.

The result was hundreds of likes, shares and comments on the advert as well as new page likes for the client, but that’s not really what you want to know. A total of 15 people claimed the offer and bought the product, and 6 of those people became regular customers who made further purchases on multiple occasions over the next few months.

These are small numbers, but for a £50 spend this result is phenomenal. The same client previously spent almost £1000 on a similar advert in a local magazine and guess how many new customers they got as a result? ZERO.

Have you run a Facebook advert for your business before? Did you get the results you expected? I would love to hear your stories.
Bethany Carter,  May 20, 2015

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