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Which Social Network Gets The Best Engagement For Branded Content?

Facebook delivered over triple the engagement for branded content over Twitter in 2015, according to a TrackMaven report. Yes, really! It also turns out that Pinterest saw the largest decline in engagement rates, with a 49% drop over the course of the year. Rather unsurprisingly, LinkedIn achieved the most consistent engagement rates throughout the year with no noticeable rise or fall.

Instagram came out tops with the highest engagement rates of all the social networks for branded content. Companies on Instagram know a good thing when they see it! TrackMaven found that Instagram managed eight times the engagement rate during 2015 for content, but as the site grows (including its advertising options) the engagement rate statistics are falling slightly. Let’s hope we don’t see a report in 2017 that chronicles a dive in engagement rates due to Instagram offering too many ad options, getting in the way of user experience.

During last year, TrackMaven analysed approximately 75 billion (yes, billion!) interactions over more than 50 million items of content, organic and paid, posted by brands over the four main social networks – Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

We love Facebook. This super highway of a social network saw brands continuing to increase their social media presence throughout 2015, regardless of engagement rates, and it had the leading increase in content volume of all the social networks.

Saying that, Twitter was the social network that achieved the highest increase on a monthly basis throughout the year in content output per brand, growing 60%, while Facebook comparatively had around half the increase at 31%.

So what does this actually mean for businesses using social media? Well firstly, it’s remains a good idea to continue using LinkedIn and adding valuable content regularly. Secondly, the idea that Facebook gets lower engagement rates is a total myth and you should seriously consider having a presence as part of your social media strategy. Paid-for branded content would also be be a wise addition to your marketing plan. Finally, Instagram is becoming the star of the show! If you’re not using it already, it might be time to take another look and consider joining the party.

Read the full report published by TrackMaven here: “The Content Marketing Paradox” report

Bethany Carter,  February 23, 2016

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