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How To Use Content To Sell Your Products Online

Marketers spend a lot of time talking about how you can use content to spread awareness of your brand online and get people to engage with your business, but it gets a bit quieter when it comes to bottom-of-the-funnel sales clinching content.

For people who are further along the buying cycle, you need content that will help them take the vital next step and become a customer. So how do you do this without being aggressive and ‘salesy?’

It’s important to provide product-related information that communicates functionality and benefits to help your customers make a decision. However you also need to make sure that this content is not going to put off audiences at the top of the sales funnel, who may only just be starting to get to know you.

Here are just a few ideas for content to help you turn your fans, subscribers and followers into paying customers…

Blog Content

You can promote your products in blog posts without being over-promotional. It’s as simple as making sure that the articles are written in a way that benefits the customer first and not the company. Including subtle and relevant product mentions can actually provide valuable explanations and examples.

One way to showcase product-related blog posts is to create a separate area on your website for company news and updates, or perhaps announcements about products and features. You could even link to specific posts on your product pages to provide people already browsing with more information. If you can weave in video and images with demonstrations, you’re giving them enough to help them make a buying decision.

Asos is great at using blog content and has its own ‘discover’ section on the website, with shareable stories that add value for browsing customers and point to products on the website. They use stylists to write advice, they have their own magazine and they even have an #asseenonme gallery full of customer photos of their items.

Here’s an example of great blog content from Asos, with a makeup tutorial video and suggestions for products to achieve the look. It’s called We’ve Got Heart Eyes For High Shine Makeup

We've Got Heart Eyes For High Shine Makeup

Customer Testimonials

Highlighting the successes of your customers as a result of using your products can be incredibly powerful.

Particularly for online purchases, buyers are naturally skeptical. Statistics and evidence can have far more impact when provided by happy customers instead of the business itself.

Consider allowing customers to provide reviews on products they have purchased, and displaying these reviews on the corresponding product pages (right next to the ‘add to basket’ button).

One company that encourages this is Pet Planet. Here are just a few of the reviews provided on the product page for the Green Slow Dog Feeder


Green Slow Dog Feeder

Video Content

Videos are a great way to demonstrate to your customers what they will be getting with your products. You can use them as an opportunity to explain benefits, show how your products can be used and bring them to life visually.

Using video is one of the best ways for customers to see and hear about what they will be getting with your products, and it can also serve to provide newcomers with better insight into your brand.

I love this example from Riverford demonstrating their recipe boxes…

Product Page Content

There is every reason to put great content on relevant product pages, to help customers looking at that page make a decision to buy. Choose what to display by considering audience interests.

Let’s look at Lush, a fresh handmade cosmetics company with customers who care about the environment, ethics and natural ingredients. On the website there is an entire page of content dedicated to each ingredient with information about where it comes from, how it is prepared, health benefits and more.

On every product page you are not only able to view the list of ingredients, but you can also click on each one to view more information. From these pages you can even view other Lush products that contain the same ingredient, which is ideal for customers who are sold on lemon peel for instance.

Take a look at the product page for the Montalbano Shampoo Bar

Montalbano Shampoo Bar

Still stuck for ideas? If you are interested in talking to a qualified and experienced consultant about your content marketing strategy, please get in touch.

Bethany Carter,  April 14, 2015

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