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Twitter Tools for Social Media Managers

It’s easy to get lost exploring all the tools available to social media managers. There are so many to try, especially when it comes to Twitter, and not all are created equal.

Instead of spending hours researching tools to help you manage Twitter, use this article as a shortcut and intro to those that are genuinely useful and may save you time.


A tool for managing followers, ManageFlitter offers Follow Tools to filter and copy another person’s followers or reciprocate back when people follow you. You can then apply filters to discover people within a certain location, who use certain keywords or with a defined number of followers. There is also an UnFollow Tool which will show you the people who you’ve followed who don’t follow you back, are inactive, have no profile image and more. The pro plans start from $12 per month, but for free you can unfollow people who do not follow you back (limited to 200 daily unfollows) and search through over 80 million Twitter accounts using filters (limited to following 50 accounts per day).


I use BuzzSumo A LOT. It’s great for finding out what’s popular and current within a certain topic or industry. It allows you to search a keyword or phrase such as social media and it will return the most shared articles on the topic. You can also use it to discover influencers who are talking about your keyword or phrase and discover what’s trending. You can sign up for a free account or for more sophisticated tools, such as content alerts, within packages starting at $99 per month.


Twitter Analytics

A free tool with information that comes directly from Twitter – you can’t go wrong with! Use this tool to find out which of your tweets received the most engagement, so you know for future posts which type worked and which did not. It also allows you to view follower demographics so that you can learn more about your audience. The month by month breakdown is useful to show you at a glance how many followers and how much engagement you have been achieving over time.

A great one for relationship management, is a tool that divides your audience and the people you follow into ‘influencers’ and ‘supporters’ according to the statistics of who is engaging with your content. Based on this information, it suggests people you may want to unfollow as well as those it may be beneficial to start following. The dashboard offers a comprehensive list of actions you are encouraged to take, such as sharing top tweets, thanking new followers, replying to mentions and more. You can also set up campaigns that will auto-tweet on your behalf, thanking top influencers or sending direct messages to new followers.

Do You Even List?

DoYouEvenList is a free tool that groups people on Twitter to make it easier for you to see who is engaged. It automatically updates with people added/removed to keep your lists relevant and live and awards users points for actions such as retweeting or replying to you. You can even set how many points are needed to be in the list. Use list templates or create lists with your own point scoring schemes using the custom builder.

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It’s definitely worth considering Hootsuite as a monitoring tool as well as a scheduler. The dashboard is ideal for monitoring specific keywords and phrases alongside your usual notifications, allowing you to pick up new mentions and join conversations in real time. It’s also useful for keeping track of what competitors are saying, which you can do by setting up a separate column and adding their Twitter handle. There are lots of awesome tools within Hootsuite, so I would recommend taking a look if you’re not familiar with it already.


Buffer is a convenient and highly valuable scheduling tool which you can set up to share your posts to Twitter (and other platforms) at the best times for your specific audience.Whether you are browsing the web or on the go, you can easily add content to your queue with the browser extension and mobile app. The company vision is to build the simplest and most powerful social media tool, and to set the bar for great customer support. I can confirm that it is a very simple and effective scheduling tool, which I use regularly for my clients. The individual plan is free, with paid options starting at $10 per month.

Bethany Carter,  August 9, 2016

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