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A Guide To Timing Your Social Media Updates

It’s not just about what you post on social media, but when you post it. A new infographic from The Payroll Blog provides some useful information to help with timing your social media updates.

A lot of this may seem like common sense, but there may be a few surprises for you too. For many of my clients, Facebook Page Insights suggest that the majority of their Page fans are active in the evenings. However this infographic concludes that updates posted between 1pm – 4pm result in the highest average click-throughs.

This matches my experience as I have often found that peak times for Facebook usage aren’t necessarily the best times for getting interaction. Some businesses I work with get great engagement for specific types of messages posted before 9am, even though their insights suggest that only a small percentage of their fans are online at this time.

So how is this possible? Peak times for active users aren’t necessarily the same as the peak times for click-throughs. Perhaps the evenings are so saturated with content that it’s more difficult to get your updates noticed. Perhaps evening Facebook users are only interested in catching up with friends or passive browsing and are less primed for reading articles, writing comments and sharing company messages.

“Peak times for active users aren’t necessarily the same as the peak times for click-throughs”

The story will vary from business to business and that’s why the best plan of action is to take this research, compare it with your own experiences, draw several possible conclusions and test those theories.

There are free tools to help you with timing. My personal favourite is Hootsuite, a social media management dashboard that allows you to schedule social media updates and track link clicks. If you go down this road, I would warn against relying solely on automation – ideally you should use a combination of scheduled and real time updates. Remember, you can’t schedule a reply to a future question!

It’s also worth checking out Facebook Insights to see when your fans are online (you’ll find this data under Insights > Posts > When Your Fans Are Online). For Google Plus you could try Timing+, which takes your historical data to calculate the best times for you to share content. Another useful free tool is Tweriod, a free twitter tool that analyses up to 1,000 of your followers and lets you know the best time to tweet.

Timing Your Social Media Updates

Bethany Carter,  March 25, 2015

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