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Time to get excited about Twitter Polls!

Twitter has made the exciting announcement that Twitter polls will soon be available to everyone. This offers a fantastic opportunity to ask your followers anything you like!

For marketers it’s a perfect opportunity to get creative. You could ask your followers to help you name your new product, give their opinions on your latest news, predict who’s going to win a game or even tell you how they like their tea. It’s not just the two-way engagement that’s exciting – consider the possibilities for market research.

For the time being, you will only be able to keep your poll open for 24 hours and ask questions with only two answers. You’ll be able to create your own two-choice poll from the compose box and how users voted is not shared publicly.

Currently, the feature is rolling out on iOS, Android, and on desktop at Once you see the poll icon shown above in the compose box, give it a try. I’d love to see your polls! Tweet me @beth_ansell if you’d like me to get involved.

Bethany Carter,  October 27, 2015

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