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Three Steps To Growing Your Following On Twitter

Twitter is in the top five most popular social media platforms, which means that millions of users are trying to increase their following and build their audiences. However, many of us don’t fully understand what it takes to maintain Twitter and so our accounts become dormant or disengaged.

Twitter can be an excellent tool to build a brand. But you need to be strategic with your approach to running a Twitter account and plan ahead, as a poorly managed account can lose followers, decrease engagement levels and negatively affect the brand.

Step One

Take a peek at what your competitors are doing and how they are engaging with their audience(s). What are they sharing? What is their mix of content? How are people engaging with them? You might identify something not being covered by your competitors (or that you can do better), which you could leverage to offer value over the competition and increase your engagement rates. You’ll also need to research your audience to figure out what kind of content they want to see and how they like to be engaged with. To view your Twitter analytics visit

Step Two

Next, work on identifying your unique value (why will people follow you?) to separate your business from the competition. This will also assist you in figuring out what type of content you will share – will it be a mix of industry news, snippets from experts and tips and tricks or content curation to appeal to an audience who has minimal time to read all of the industry news? By defining your value and planning your content mix, your brand can be consistent and users will actually seek out your content because they appreciate the value it gives to them.

Step Three

Now that you have researched what your audience wants and what your competitors are doing and you have identified your unique value and the type of content you will share, you need to make sure your account is maintained to a high standard. How are you going to realistically manage your account on a regular basis? Create a system, set aside the hours and stick to it. Seriously, put it in your work schedule or task manager.

Some general Twitter management tips are to space your posts out via scheduling (fantastic tools for this are Buffer and Hootsuite), track performance using analytics, be concise and straightforward in your copy, credit original authors, be authentic, think “audience” first, shorten links, stick to your overall brand message, engage with others, recycle content and lastly, don’t go crazy with the hashtags (maximum of 2 per tweet).

Bethany Carter,  March 29, 2016

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