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Things You Didn’t Know About Social Media Management (It’s not all memes and #bants)

Social media management is sometimes seen as an easy job –  something that takes just a few hours a week and doesn’t involve any real work. How could posting a few bits to Facebook and Instagram be difficult?

This assumption couldn’t be more wrong. A lot of creativity, time, research and thoughtful planning goes into social media management and for most SMEs the function could realistically be filled by a full time social media manager.

I’m not saying it’s not fun – I love being a social media manager! For me it’s the perfect marriage of creativity with literacy and analytical skills. Although it takes a lot of hard work, it’s very rewarding and enjoyable.

Successful social media marketing has a solid strategy, reaches the intended target audience, achieves marketing objectives and has measurable results. Although it’s a a collaborative effort, it should ideally be executed by a professional and experienced social media manager with the appropriate skill set.

Social media managers have the image of the whole brand within their remit and they need to stay up to date with all the latest developments in the industry as well as the trends of the moment, all of which are crucial to the success of the campaigns they work on.

It’s important to have a deep understanding of the business, the target market, marketing goals and the competition, so that the right strategy can be implemented and the best social media platform(s) chosen.

The work doesn’t stop there however. It not only involves the lead up to tactical postings but continues afterwards with measuring analytics, interpreting the results, reporting and tweaking for the future.

The planning and research that goes into social media management is vast but it’s vital to invest the time and resources to do it well, because social media carried out in the wrong way can negatively affect a company’s image or brand.

Social media is frequently perceived as something that is stand alone but in reality it must be incorporated into the overall marketing function. The management is challenging – there’s no doubt about that – but it is a fundamental part of modern marketing.

If you need a push in the right direction, feel free to get in touch with me so we can discuss your options.

Bethany Carter,  October 25, 2016

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