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Why You Should Tell Stories
I recently gave a presentation to a group of professional therapists, offering some practical and realistic tips to help them tell their stories with social media. I thought I would share some of the top-line advice with you…

Storytelling can enhance reputation, build relationships and promote customer loyalty. It can be a great way to brand your business in the mind of the reader or, better yet, sell to them.

We can use social media to motivate audiences to take certain actions, but to do that we need to encourage them to engage their emotions. The key to their hearts is a good narrative that pushes the right buttons.

Telling StoriesHow often have you been to a training workshop or seminar only to find that your mind wanders and you struggle to focus on what the speaker is saying?

Or scrolled down through your news feed, only to find that you skip the useful stuff and go straight to the funny cat pictures? We all do it – it’s human nature.


If you try to sell your services by writing about the benefits, then you are using logic to try and convince your audience to buy into your brand. No-one ever sat on the edge of their seat for a concept or information. We root for people, and emotions move us to take action.

Move beyond the list of services you can offer and focus on outcomes.

You have amazing and unique stories to tell and that is so much more exciting to your customer than information alone. Telling stories can also help you focus on what outcomes your customer can achieve and not just what services you can offer.

The idea that underpins successful social media marketing is sharing engaging content and moving others to share it. Creating great stories worth sharing is the first logical step. Too often we focus on what services we offer and try to sell them all at once.

The moral of this story…

Stop thinking: “how can I sell my services?
Start thinking: “what do my customers want?”

Bethany Carter,  July 31, 2014

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