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TED Talk: The Rise Of The Social Employee

Social media has changed the way we do business and, in a space where unauthentic sales pitches don’t work, social employees are becoming increasingly important to a company’s brand.

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today is how to represent themselves online and build a culture of social employees to become the faces and voices of the brand.

It’s been said over and over that people buy from people, and the rise of the social employee creates a win/win proposition for businesses willing to empower their employees to merge their personal brands with the company.

If you haven’t yet read The Social Employee by Cheryl and Mark Burgess, then I highly recommend picking up a copy.

This TED Talk from Mark Burgess on the rise of the social employee is all about this new revolution and how we should be viewing social media as an opportunity, not a barrier, for success…

Here is the four-step action again that Mark suggests in the video:

1. Listen.

Talk with your employees, ask for their input, get their feedback, work together, find the social tools that work for them.

2. Educate.

Develop a social media policy that teaches guidelines, rules and boundaries. Adobe describes its social media policy as guardrails, allowing employees to be creative within certain parameters.

3. Activate.

This is about getting your employees engaged in writing, blogging or whatever is right for them and the business. It should be participatory and within the comfort zones of your employees without dictating what has to be done.

4. Play.

Bring the personal brands of your employees together with your company’s online presence in a positive way. Whether your company has 1 employee or 400,000 employees, the same basic rules apply.

As Mark says, The Social Employee is about the future of business, and the future of business is in your hands. So are you ready to take a LEAP and join the social employee revolution?
Bethany Carter,  March 17, 2015

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  1. Mark Burgess


    Thanks for your discussion of The Social Employee, a revolution that many businesses today are starting to realize … with many more to come.

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