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Social Networks in 2017: Where Are We Now?

The only thing that remains constant in the world of social media is that some social networks are fading into the background while others are growing in popularity.

But what’s going on right now in 2017? Here’s a brief update on some of the most popular social networks…


Facebook continues to dominate by miles. It is more than 2 times as popular as the next most-popular social network, Instagram. It has the most active users of all the social networks – more than 1.71 billion! I also has one of the most widespread messaging systems, contributing to the site’s ever-increasing overall popularity.

Facebook users are much more engaged than other social media platform users. 76% use it daily, which is quite a substantial increase from the 70% reported last year. 55% visit several times a day and 22% visit once a day.


This social network, now owned by Facebook, has grown tremendously over the last couple of years and now has even more active users than Twitter (more than 500 million at the last count). They are continuously updating to their features to keep up with Snapchat, the main competition.


LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft in 2016. We live in hope that this means the professional social network will get its sparkle back. The platform is working to increase its marketing and publishing tools to boost engagement within the site.


Twitter has been waning in popularity and it is still struggling to find where it belongs, but it remains amongst the top providers for direct engagement with a community of followers. The addition of new mechanics for messaging and marketing in the past few months has helped to keep it in the top 5 social media networks. There are rumours that the platform is to be bought out by another group, so watch this space.


The simplicity of Snapchat is the key to its popularity. It began as a messaging app with content that would self-destruct and has moved into the picture messaging realms where users can take a picture or shoot a video, add various filters and then share it with their followers. No longer just for engaging with friends but for connecting with brands too, Snapchat has become a real contender for businesses.


It wasn’t long ago that Pinterest was saying it is not a social network, but a visual search engine. However in a bid to stay current, the platform has been working on the addition of various new and innovative features for messaging and sharing within the app and also outside of it. They have also introduced a new tool for promoted video content.


This platform has made some ‘demonetisation’ changes that seem to be forcing some of the original content creators away, which could serve as a red flag. However it is still ranked third in the popularity stakes. YouTube is fairly tricky when it comes to monetising content and engaging with current and potential followers, but is still worth paying attention to.

Bethany Carter,  January 24, 2017

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