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5 Social Media Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and this provides a great opportunity to have some fun with your social media marketing. The rules are 1) don’t go overboard 2) consider your audience 3) stay within the scope of your business. Consider what you can play with that would still communicate what you do or what you sell.

Important: Please be cautious when planning your campaigns and make sure you are certain they are not in bad taste. We don’t want a repeat of last year’s #MentalPatient. Tesco and Asda’s offensive costume caused outrage on Twitter with mental health charities Mind and Time to Change using it to raise awareness and end stigma. The supermarkets were forced to apologise for the product and remove it from their websites.

So with that and the context of your business in mind, here are a few ideas for you to play with…

1. Photo Sharing

Halloween is a highly visual event and people will be taking pictures of their costumes and things they have made. Encourage your fans to share photos with you and consider hosting a photo contest if your product or service is related. Do you sell products related to pets? Spooky pet photos. Do you sell cosmetics? Halloween makeup selfies. Children’s clothing? Trick or treat costumes. Home furnishings? Halloween house decorations. And so on…

Halloween Puppy Photo Contest

2. Offer a Discount

We all love a good treat at Halloween. If you choose this option, make sure the deal benefits your business too. Perhaps you could offer 20% off for anyone who has liked your Facebook Page or £10 off a new product with a website discount code for a limited time. Make sure you can easily implement the offer and keep it simple. This was MikroElektronika’s offer in 2013: “For this Halloween we have decided to scare the cr** out of our Sales Manager by ripping off a huge part of our profit with a heart-pounding discount.”


3. Involve Your Employees

Why not have a bit of fun in the office? You could decorate workstations and suggest that everyone brings in spooky themed food or wears a costume. Maybe you could get employees to vote for what the boss should wear to work on Halloween. This could provide some great photos to share on your social media profiles. If you work alone, upload a photo of yourself with a pitch fork and devil horns. Obviously this may not be for everyone, but it’s a great way to demonstrate a sense of fun. If you want more ideas for celebrating Halloween at work, try this article from

Halloween At Work

4. Use Video

Not all videos that you share online need to be professionally put together. If you’d happily share a photo of your employees in fancy dress, then you could also happily share a 10 second video of them shouting “Happy Halloween” to the camera. If you use Vine (and even if you don’t then it’s worth checking it out) then perhaps you could create a spooky video showcasing your products in a mini horror movie. That’s what Proctor & Gamble’s Tide did for Halloween in 2013, and the results were outstanding. Stains better be scared…

5. Tell stories

Halloween is all about spooky stories and ghostly tales, and social media provides a great platform for imaginative storytelling. What spooky stories could you invent or adapt for your business? Last year American outdoor retailer Rei provided a survival guide for a zombie apocalypse, showcasing products in an infographic. It even featured critical zombie survival skills such as neutralising a zombie with a cast iron skillet and disorientating a zombie with a tactical flashlight. Excellent!

Zombie Survival Gear

At a networking event this week I made a joke that for Halloween a Shipping & Freight Consultant friend of mine should call herself a Fright Consultant. Not my best joke, but it made everyone laugh. I am waiting to see whether or not she shares the joke on her social media profiles (if you’re reading this Caroline, please feel free to steal it).

What are you planning for Halloween? Tell me all about it in the comments.


Bethany Carter,  October 23, 2014

2 Responses to “5 Social Media Ideas For Halloween”

  1. Caroline Swaine

    Hi Beth
    What can I say I don’t think I’ve ever been called a “fright consultant”, however as its Halloween and I love lots of banter then I would be happy to acknowledge my new title just for the Halloween season of course!
    I’m off to a fancy dress party so it’s given me some ideas on what to go as!
    Thanks for the plug Beth.
    Happy Halloween
    Witches regards

  2. Bethany Ansell

    You’re welcome Caroline. I hope you have a great time at your fancy dress party and I’m glad you are enjoying your new title. Look forward to seeing some pictures!

    Spooky wishes,


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