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Social Media Audience Demographics By Platform

You might think that posting on as many social media platforms as possible will allow you to reach more people and give your business the best chance of reaching your target audience, right?

Well actually, no. Each social media platform is unique in terms of audience groups and usage, so your best option is to do some research and be strategic in your approach.

You may also think that duplicating your content across the board sounds sensible, but each social network is very different and so what works for one won’t necessarily work for another.

Knowing the statistics for each platform is useful from a strategy-building point of view and a recent infographic published by Smart Paper Help is a helpful guide to reference when you’re planning social media campaigns.

Of all the main platforms (YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, Reddit, Instagram and LinkedIn), Facebook has the largest number of worldwide users at 1.5 billion with the average time spent on the site being 20 or more minutes, but did you know that YouTube is a close second with 1 billion monthly unique users?

Pinterest is an excellent place to discover ideas and has 100 million active users, of which 80% are women. 66% of these users will save a ‘pin’ that has inspired them for later use. This means that if your business is all about visual products, ideas or messaging then it could be a fitting platform for you.

Instagram is another highly visual platform used for sharing photos and 15 second videos. However, 8% of users are actually bots! If your demographic is younger than 35, this could be a good platform for your business, as 90% of its 400 million monthly active users are of that age group.

In direct contrast, 79% of LinkedIn’s user base is older than 35 and this platform geared more towards businesses and professionals as a more ‘business orientated’ network.

Twitter is known as a short-form micro blogging network and 29% of millennials use it, but the fact that 44% of users have never sent a tweet is indicative of its use solely as a newsfeed for many.

See the full infographic below for more juicy bits of info…

Social Media Demographics

Bethany Carter,  April 12, 2016

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