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Quick Guide To Removing Connections On LinkedIn

On occasion we might find ourselves in the awkward situation of wishing to remove a contact from our LinkedIn network. Perhaps you are no longer working with someone a and wish to cut ties for some reason, or there is someone you simply no longer want to be associated with. It’s all a bit icky and difficult to navigate. How do you remove them as a connection and will LinkedIn let them know? I get asked about this a lot.

I’ll get to the step-by-step in a minute, but first you should be absolutely sure that you want to remove the person as a connection. It can’t be undone! Any recommendations or endorsements they have made on your profile will be deleted and there is no way of getting them back. Even if you re-establish the connection, these valuable additions to your profile will not be reinstated.

If you decide to go ahead with the disconnection, the contact will not be notified (phew, awkward). However if they do decide to search for you, your profile will no longer appear in their list of connections and it will be clear that you have removed them. This could lead to a potentially embarrassing situation, so do consider this action seriously.

Ready to disconnect?

Follow the steps below if you’re using LinkedIn on your smart phone or tablet:
1. Open your mobile browser and go to
2. Go to My Network and select Connections
3. Find the person you wish to remove
4. Select the three small dots to the right of their name
5. Choose ‘Remove Connection’

Follow these steps from your laptop or desktop computer:
1. Go to
2. Move your cursor over My Network at the top of your homepage and select Connections
3. Scroll down to the contacts section and move your cursor over the contact you’d like to remove
4. Select Remove
5. Read the list of effects of removing the contact and click Remove to confirm

IMPORTANT: You can remove somebody directly through their profile, but they may receive a notification to say that you have recently viewed their profile. If they notice that you are also no longer connected, it may be obvious what you were doing.

Bethany Carter,  April 27, 2016

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