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Marketing and HR: Impress Your Customers By Shouting About Employee Benefits

There is a difference between how we communicate with our customers and our employees. Public relations and marketing is used for customers and HR and recruitment is for employees, right? But times are changing (and that’s an overly simplistic view anyway).

Though they might have different reasons for looking into your business, customers and employees are looking at the same things. Customers and employees alike look at companies in their entirety, considering their product offering as well as how they treat their staff and their overall image.

Promoting your business’s treatment of its employees along with the benefits and incentives it offers may not only attract a higher calibre employee, but can also serve your public relations image. If your business does not currently have employee benefits, then consider an offering as a PR exercise. You will likely find that the benefits stack up for your business, with improved employee motivation, an enhanced reputation overall and an increase in satisfied customers. But don’t forget to write about it publicly (it’s even okay to boast).

Have a look around your office and see who might be the social media buff amongst your staff. Often there will be an employee who has a large following on one of the big social media platforms – possibly even one that’s larger than the company’s! Ask them if they wouldn’t mind posting a picture or tweet about the latest company social get together or team achievement. Doing something like this and having members of your team post about it can greatly help your brand. Your employees (current and potential) will see that you care about your staff’s work/life balance and development and your customers (current and potential) are more likely to support you if they see that you value your staff.

A number of your employees will have entrepreneurial aspirations and it can be a good idea to arrange training workshops or other events with speakers that your staff wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to meet. But don’t forget to post photos, tweets, updates or results of the event on social media to show your customers that you’re building your staff up and providing opportunities for them to grow.

If your company currently has no benefits or if they aren’t very exciting, then you should probably address that! Consider brainstorming some benefits that will impress your customers and attract the right staff. Also, if you are not already supporting a nominated charity, consider doing so as it will boost your company’s image as well as benefit the charity. Perhaps you could let your employees vote for the charity you will support for the next 12 months and then blog about it. This idea is win/win/win!

The conclusion of this article is that A) your HR and Marketing departments should be talking to each other, and B) being good to your staff is good for your business and shouting about it is good PR.

What could you do to improve the reputation of your business amongst employees and customers?
Bethany Carter,  April 19, 2016

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  1. Keith Roberts

    Do you have any experience of bringing customers and employees together, say for half a day or even longer, to identify and work on common benefits that could be enjoyed by both?

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