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How to Make Followers Share Your Content

You may be under the impression that the more followers you have the better, but that’s not necessarily the case. As with many other things, it’s quality over quantity.

Some accounts may have 10,000 followers with nobody sharing their content, whereas other accounts will have 2,000 followers with their content constantly being shared on numerous social media platforms.

Shares in this way lead to increased interaction, views, likes and (even more) shares, higher Google rankings and more backlinks. The key is to get shares in the first place.

Here are some helpful tips to improve your sharing stats:

Make people look good

Why do people share on social media? Showing off and looking good is a major factor. Your followers need to see the potential of your post’s ability to make them look good if they are to share something. The very nature of our brains is that they are competitive and we like to gain the approval of others, and sharing a post that you find valuable shows off what you already know. It’s the same with something funny – sharing a funny post demonstrates our sense of humour to our social community. The person who shares the interesting or valuable content gets the social brownie points. Of course, finding and sharing awesome content doesn’t make you awesome. It’s just how our brains work.

Stand for something

People like to support causes that they care about and will usually share content which promotes such causes without hesitation. It helps them show the type of person they are to their own followers, and it’s also an easy way to support causes and help to get the word out. Sharing a piece of content for a cause they feel passionate about takes no time or effort at all. It also makes them feel better because they feel that they are helping in a small way to support the cause. It doesn’t need to be a charity or some other type of body that can actively be supported. It can even be a stance you take, something simple that you feel strongly about. A good example is this image that gets shared around every Christmas:

Make it personal

Building a connected audience is vital to improving your shares. Your followers will genuinely want to share your content if they feel close to you and that they have a connection with you. You can do this by being personable in your posts, responding personally to posts which mention you, giving away free (but valuable!) stuff and being generally available and sincere. Sharing your content will be a way for followers to feel connected with you and show their appreciation in some small way. It works in the same way that you feel inclined to recommend a business that you have had positive experiences with.

Focus on relationships

In the ‘old days,’ it used to be that socialising was done on the phone, at social gatherings and even via letters. Now, much socialising has moved online and it’s possible to keep in touch with each and every one of your family, extended family, friends and acquaintances. Keeping in touch is now often as simple as liking someone’s post or tagging them in some content. It’s a way of letting them know that you saw their update or saying “hello” without actually catching up with them in person. This is one of the reasons people share content – to keep in touch and maintain their relationships. Therefore, social content that has the potential to bring contacts closer together or that they can tag people in is more likely to be shared over content which offers none of these elements.

It’s a scientific fact that most people get more from giving than from receiving and it’s that same underlying science that supports social sharing.

Giving to others makes us happy, so we love sharing things that will inspire, empower or entertain others.

Use this knowledge and post uplifting content that you would want to share with your own friends.

Bethany Carter,  March 7, 2017

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