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Keeping The Pace With Content Demand

The demand for good quality content is ever growing as small to medium companies follow in the footsteps of the large corporates, realising that customers don’t want to read features that speak to them like traditional advertisements.

There will always be a place for bullet points on product and service features and summaries about their benefits, but that place is shrinking as narratives take over the reins in crucial stages of the buying cycle.

Offering stories that highlight pain points and/or provide genuinely useful advice is now one of the most popular and well received methods of convincing customers to take notice of your products and services.

Consider these statistics collated by Hubspot

* 27 million pieces of content are shared every day. (AOL and Nielsen)
* 91% of B2B marketers leverage some form of content marketing, while 86% of B2C marketers partake in the practice. (Content Marketing Institute)
* 78% of consumers believe that organisations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships, and 90% of consumers find custom content useful. (TMG Custom Media)
* 80% of business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. (Content Marketing Institute)
* Interesting content is one of the top three reasons people connect with brands on social media. (ContentPlus)

With demand for content expanding and the need for it acknowledged, you would think this means businesses are more than willing to part with budgets, resources and expertise to keep the pace. But they aren’t.

Confusingly, many businesses will happily spend a fortune on a website without considering what they are going to put on it, how they will attract buyers to it or how they will keep visitors coming back to it.

It’s difficult to know where to start

The main reason for this is that it’s difficult to know where to start.  It can be hard to find reliable and experienced freelance talent when a good writing style doesn’t necessarily equate to strong marketing skills, and public relations knowledge doesn’t always equate to an understanding of HTML or SEO.

The long and short of it is that content marketing is not only challenging, it’s cross-departmental. You can’t just outsource it to a freelancer and forget about it, because it needs you to be involved if it’s going to succeed. You can’t expect one person to do it for you alone, because it requires input and expertise from various departments.

If you want to keep the pace with content demand, you need to educate people about it within your business and allow content to become part of your culture. Consider hiring a content marketing manager to plan, coordinate, facilitate and execute your content strategy on an ongoing basis.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. What have you found most challenging in keeping up with the demand for content?
Bethany Carter,  August 20, 2014

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  1. Champagne Film

    Visual presentation of a company, their assets
    history, location, product, service etc is the way
    forward, a picture is worth a thousand words imagine
    how many words-worth shooting at 30 frames a second is !

    Beth is the producer we can make it happen

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