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Google Plus Inspiration From Big Brands

Google Plus has been around since 2011 and has over 540 million active users, yet many businesses are still struggling to get to grips with the social network. Here is some Google Plus inspiration from big brands to give you some ideas for your page…


Mashable on Google Plus

Mashable makes full use of the link previews on Google+ and regularly posts news articles from with a link and description only, encouraging fans to visit the website to read the full story. One of the many reasons Mashable runs a successful Google+ Page is that the descriptions are concise accurate summaries of article content.

Google Maps Gallery



Cadbury on Google Plus

The Cadbury Google+ Page is capitalising on the fact that the social network is great for visual content. The brand is regularly posting tempting images of cakes, biscuits and chocolate in bright colours with the distinctive backdrop of the Cadbury purple. Updates on the page are all relevant to the #FreeTheJoy campaign with happiness being a key theme. On Fridays the brand shares a joyful dancing gif with the caption ‘It’s Friday – let’s dance! #FreeTheJoy.’

Unleash your inner cookie monster



Starbucks on Google Plus


Photography is a key feature on the Starbucks Coffee Google+ Page, and it works. There is a good mix of clever and quirky professional shots and more amateur photos similar to those that fans might take themselves. Content is often focused on the season and the sort of refreshment it calls for, which is a popular tactic.

Starbucks Anniversary Blend



GoPro Google Plus Page


The GoPro Google+ Page shares a ‘video of the day’ and a ‘photo of the day,’ showcasing content captured by users of GoPro equipment and thereby promoting the products. However it’s not just GoPro related updates that are shared, the brand also posts related content that fans will enjoy too. Again, this brand is posting a lot of images and videos but it’s also using the opportunity to add links to more information and spaces between sentences for visual appeal.

GoPro Photo of the Day

Bethany Carter,  September 24, 2014

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