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Facebook vs Instagram Users in the UK

The latest in the Facebook vs Instagram battle… According to a recent report by Global Web Index, active usage on Facebook in the UK dropped by 7% in the last year. It’s not a huge figure but it’s noteworthy, especially when you consider that Instagram grew its active users by 18% over the same period.

This is largely driven my the migration of young people to the photo and video sharing app as it becomes a more popular way for them to interact with each other (and avoid their parents). Currently 39% of UK Instagram users are aged 16-24, compared with 16% on Facebook.

Instagram users have an average of 7.8 social media accounts and are active on 5.6 of them, whereas Facebook users have an average of 4 social networks and are active on 2.7 of them.

Facebook vs Instagram Users in the UK: 

Facebook Users

Instagram Users


One conclusion we could make from these statistics is that younger social media users in the UK are exploring multiple platforms more regularly and are more open to trying new social networks. They’re not all youngsters though – let’s not forget the other 61% of Instagram users are doing this too!

As you might expect with more profiles to keep active, Instagram’s users also spend longer per day on social networks. However Facebook remains in the lead when it comes to usage frequency. 53% of UK users log into Facebook multiple times every day, compared to 29% on Instagram.

It seems that whilst Instagram may be gaining traction and popularity, the majority of Facebook users are quite happy where they are.

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Bethany Carter,  February 17, 2015

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