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Professional Chameleon For Hire

At this morning’s networking breakfast, I got into a conversation with someone who had been burned by poor social media management. The person they hired to represent them online had failed to grasp the essence of the business and the personality of the business owner. The content completely missed the mark, and left the business […]

Bethany Carter,  May 8, 2018
How to Make Followers Share Your Content

You may be under the impression that the more followers you have the better, but that’s not necessarily the case. As with many other things, it’s quality over quantity. Some accounts may have 10,000 followers with nobody sharing their content, whereas other accounts will have 2,000 followers with their content constantly being shared on numerous social media platforms. Shares […]

Bethany Carter,  March 7, 2017
Win Favour With Your Responses On Instagram

Instagram is not just a place to post your beautifully crafted images, it’s also a medium to improve engagement with your customers and followers. The comments section is too often ignored, when it should be a key focus. Here are some tips on how to respond to the various interactions you might receive on Instagram… […]

Bethany Carter,  February 22, 2017
A Quick Guide To Winning With Twitter

Twitter is no walk in the park but once mastered, it can be a brilliant social media platform for increasing your brand’s visibility quickly and getting positive customer engagement. Here are some simple things you can do to increase your chances of winning with Twitter… Complete your profile  If you haven’t already done this, get a […]

Bethany Carter,  February 7, 2017
Social Networks in 2017: Where Are We Now?

The only thing that remains constant in the world of social media is that some social networks are fading into the background while others are growing in popularity. But what’s going on right now in 2017? Here’s a brief update on some of the most popular social networks… Facebook Facebook continues to dominate by miles. It […]

Bethany Carter,  January 24, 2017
Are You Making The Most Of LinkedIn?

Having a presence on LinkedIn is a great way to manage your personal brand and the impression you portray to colleagues, clients and associates. It’s also useful for connecting with people within your industry and other relevant sectors. But how many of us are actually using LinkedIn to its full potential? Here are a few basic tips. You can […]

Bethany Carter,  November 23, 2016
Psychology Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Psychology and marketing are closely linked, which is why anyone who has studied marketing will most likely have also studied some psychology. In social media marketing, there are always plenty of tips and ideas shared about what you can do with technology. But ultimately we are dealing with people, so your messaging should be priority number one. […]

Bethany Carter,  November 8, 2016
Things You Didn’t Know About Social Media Management (It’s not all memes and #bants)

Social media management is sometimes seen as an easy job –  something that takes just a few hours a week and doesn’t involve any real work. How could posting a few bits to Facebook and Instagram be difficult? This assumption couldn’t be more wrong. A lot of creativity, time, research and thoughtful planning goes into social media management […]

Bethany Carter,  October 25, 2016
Five Ways To Reach A Local Audience On Facebook

If you want to improve reach within your local area, Facebook can be an incredibly useful tool. Even though only a small percentage of the almost 1.5 billion users are local to you, you may be surprised by the saturation of Facebook users in your area. At Lemon Squeezy Marketing, we use Facebook to engage with local audiences on […]

Bethany Carter,  September 5, 2016
Twitter Tools for Social Media Managers

It’s easy to get lost exploring all the tools available to social media managers. There are so many to try, especially when it comes to Twitter, and not all are created equal. Instead of spending hours researching tools to help you manage Twitter, use this article as a shortcut and intro to those that are genuinely […]

Bethany Carter,  August 9, 2016
What Businesses Need to Know About Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live, as the name implies, is a tool that allows you to stream live video from a mobile device. Notifications can be sent to your audience via the news feed when you go live, so your followers only need to click the link to join and voila, they’re watching you live! The ability to use live […]

Bethany Carter,  July 20, 2016
Words That Sell: How To Craft Persuasive Copy On Social Media

Successful marketers write in such a way that their readers buy into their ideas or products. They do this by creating content that engages people enough to encourage them to take action. Whether you are crafting a 500 word article or a 140 character tweet, the basic principle is the same. It’s not just about […]

Bethany Carter,  June 8, 2016
10 Easy Design Tools For Social Media Visuals

Creating attractive visuals is an essential part of social media management but most of us are communicators, not designers. We need tools that make it easy for us to be creative, and enable us to keep our social media posts looking professional and on-brand. There are some brilliant cost-effective tools available to aid non-designers in creating spectacular-looking visuals without the […]

Bethany Carter,  May 31, 2016
Creating Social Media Visuals That Actually Work

When it comes to getting attention in social news feeds, visuals work. With reams and reams of content competing for views and engagement, marketers need to get creative. Did you know? According to research, 44% of users are more likely to connect with content that includes images because it elicits an emotional response. Success with […]

Bethany Carter,  May 24, 2016
10 Basic Tips For Managing Your Facebook Page

Having a successful Facebook page can increase your brand’s visibility, build your customer base and improve communications with your stakeholders. But how do you get started on the right track? In this article, we’ll cover the basics with 10 simple tips… Start With A Profile Picture And Cover Photo Upload a square profile picture image – one that […]

Bethany Carter,  May 18, 2016
B2B Social Media Marketers: Why B2C Tactics Won’t Get You The Same Results

Content for B2C and B2B marketing is different by nature and it is important for B2B marketers to be mindful of this. B2B marketers may wish to avoid some of the social media tactics that B2Cs use if their goal is to gain trust and respect from their audiences online. It is very tempting to […]

Bethany Carter,  May 11, 2016
Quick Guide To Removing Connections On LinkedIn

On occasion we might find ourselves in the awkward situation of wishing to remove a contact from our LinkedIn network. Perhaps you are no longer working with someone a and wish to cut ties for some reason, or there is someone you simply no longer want to be associated with. It’s all a bit icky and […]

Bethany Carter,  April 27, 2016
Marketing and HR: Impress Your Customers By Shouting About Employee Benefits

There is a difference between how we communicate with our customers and our employees. Public relations and marketing is used for customers and HR and recruitment is for employees, right? But times are changing (and that’s an overly simplistic view anyway). Though they might have different reasons for looking into your business, customers and employees […]

Bethany Carter,  April 19, 2016
Social Media Audience Demographics By Platform

You might think that posting on as many social media platforms as possible will allow you to reach more people and give your business the best chance of reaching your target audience, right? Well actually, no. Each social media platform is unique in terms of audience groups and usage, so your best option is to […]

Bethany Carter,  April 12, 2016
Three Steps To Growing Your Following On Twitter

Twitter is in the top five most popular social media platforms, which means that millions of users are trying to increase their following and build their audiences. However, many of us don’t fully understand what it takes to maintain Twitter and so our accounts become dormant or disengaged. Twitter can be an excellent tool to build a brand. […]

Bethany Carter,  March 29, 2016
5 More Common Social Media Mistakes (Part 2)

Social media mistakes are easily made by everyone from your local independent shopkeeper to the CEO of a multinational company. In last week’s article we discussed five of the most common social media mistakes but we really only scratched the surface, so here are five more… 6. Promotion of Yourself Too much self-promotion can be […]

Bethany Carter,  March 15, 2016
5 Common Social Media Mistakes (Part 1)

Social media mistakes are easy to make and happen all the time, and it makes sense when you consider the huge amount of real-time content being shared every day by people who are not necessarily trained primarily in communications. As a business, avoiding making these mistakes will help you maintain the professional image you wish […]

Bethany Carter,  March 8, 2016
Which Social Network Gets The Best Engagement For Branded Content?

Facebook delivered over triple the engagement for branded content over Twitter in 2015, according to a TrackMaven report. Yes, really! It also turns out that Pinterest saw the largest decline in engagement rates, with a 49% drop over the course of the year. Rather unsurprisingly, LinkedIn achieved the most consistent engagement rates throughout the year […]

Bethany Carter,  February 23, 2016
How To Create Perfect Posts On Social Platforms

How do you craft perfect posts on social media? It’s something marketers and spend hours every week trying to get right and yet it remains elusive. Let’s face it. There’s no such thing as THE “perfect” social media post. However there are some useful guidelines you can follow if you want to give your update the best […]

Bethany Carter,  January 18, 2016
Who Are You In 2016? Take the Personality Test…

“To become more successful, you don’t have to CHANGE who you are. You have to become MORE of who you are, at your best.” As a huge fan and follower of Sally Hogshead, I was delighted to receive an email from her with a free code for 100 Fascination Advantage Personality Tests. [scroll down for the code] Why? […]

Bethany Carter,  January 5, 2016
2015: The Year Of The Emoji

Emojis. Not just for the cool kids, they have become part of our daily communications on social media, in texts and messenger apps and even in emails. So it came as no surprise to me that 2015 was officially the year of the emoji. More specifically, the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is 😂 (the ‘Face with Tears […]

Bethany Carter,  November 25, 2015
Time to get excited about Twitter Polls!

Twitter has made the exciting announcement that Twitter polls will soon be available to everyone. This offers a fantastic opportunity to ask your followers anything you like! For marketers it’s a perfect opportunity to get creative. You could ask your followers to help you name your new product, give their opinions on your latest news, predict who’s going to win a […]

Bethany Carter,  October 27, 2015
Social Media Week London 2015: Key Takeaways

In September I attended Social Media Week London 2015 and filled my brain with insights and inspiration from industry leaders in various corners of the industry. The 2015 global theme was “Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of the Connected Class” and discussions were centred around the question of how we can achieve more in a connected world. Personal highlights for me were […]

Bethany Carter,  October 6, 2015
Social Media For Business: Back To Basics

It’s always a good idea to go back to basics and review what you’re doing on social media. If you’re not getting the results you want, it may be just what’s needed to help you turn things around. If you’re new to social media, this is a great place to start. Here is some advice that […]

Bethany Carter,  September 24, 2015
Are you following up with online customer enquiries?

Online marketing can be highly effective, but failure to respond to the online customer enquiries it generates is causing UK business to potentially lose customers. The results of a survey by ReachLocal have revealed that the majority of UK businesses confess to ignoring 25% of online enquiries. With social selling expected to grow by 50% in […]

Bethany Carter,  August 11, 2015
What Tesco Bacon Rashers Taught Us About Customer Service On Social Media

When Ben Roberts discovered only 6 bacon rashers in his 7 pack, he headed straight to Tesco’s Facebook Page to complain. The response he got from Customer Care serves as a great example of best practice. This social media story has it all – witty banter, excellent customer service, hilarity, great PR and of course… […]

Bethany Carter,  July 29, 2015
Which Social Media Platform Is Right For Your Business?

Choosing a social media platform can be a struggle. If you have been using lots of social media platforms for a while and can’t decide which should get more of your time and energy or you’re thinking about creating an account and don’t know where to start your research, there are a few things to consider. Despite […]

Bethany Carter,  July 14, 2015
Social Media Gets The Biggest Slice Of UK Mobile Internet Time

If you’re not already gearing your social media efforts towards mobile users, here is the juicy evidence you need to start making some changes. Research shows that UK adults now spend more time using the internet on mobile than computer, and social media activities get the biggest slice of mobile time. Mobile VS Desktop According to […]

Bethany Carter,  June 23, 2015
Instagram Is Opening Up To Advertisers

I was so excited when I heard the news that Instagram is opening up to advertisers. In case you don’t already know, Facebook owns Instagram, so if the new advertising tools are even nearly as good as those on Facebook then it’s definitely something to celebrate. Instagram says that advertisers will be able to target audiences by […]

Bethany Carter,  June 9, 2015
Why I Love Facebook Advertising

When I talk about Facebook advertising it’s often met with groans and sighs, usually from those with business Pages who feel frustrated about the steep decline in organic reach. The fact is that if you want to have a successful business page on Facebook, you will need to put some money into reaching new audiences […]

Bethany Carter,  May 20, 2015
Why You Should Manage Social Media In-House

When it comes to managing your social media presence it’s a great idea to get support from specialist consultants, but whether you do so partly or entirely, managing your social media in-house is the best case scenario. Wait, what?  Yes – a professional social media consultant is suggesting that you do it yourself, but for good reason. Stay with […]

Bethany Carter,  May 5, 2015
A Beginner’s Guide To Social Media For Business

When you start using social media for business, it is tempting to jump right in without giving much thought to how you are going to use it or what you plan to achieve. Unfortunately, winging your social media strategy will ultimately lead to frustration (not to mention the waste of your time and energy). It is […]

Bethany Carter,  April 21, 2015
How To Use Content To Sell Your Products Online

Marketers spend a lot of time talking about how you can use content to spread awareness of your brand online and get people to engage with your business, but it gets a bit quieter when it comes to bottom-of-the-funnel sales clinching content. For people who are further along the buying cycle, you need content that will help them […]

Bethany Carter,  April 14, 2015
A Guide To Timing Your Social Media Updates

It’s not just about what you post on social media, but when you post it. A new infographic from The Payroll Blog provides some useful information to help with timing your social media updates. A lot of this may seem like common sense, but there may be a few surprises for you too. For many of […]

Bethany Carter,  March 25, 2015
TED Talk: The Rise Of The Social Employee

Social media has changed the way we do business and, in a space where unauthentic sales pitches don’t work, social employees are becoming increasingly important to a company’s brand. One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today is how to represent themselves online and build a culture of social employees to become the faces […]

Bethany Carter,  March 17, 2015
How To Take Advantage Of Facebook’s Call-To-Action Button

There is a great new feature appearing on Facebook Pages, which you might not be taking advantage of yet. On your Facebook Page you should see something new called the ‘Call-To-Action’ button. If you haven’t got it yet, don’t panic. Facebook is rolling it out to everyone so you it will be with you soon. The […]

Bethany Carter,  February 24, 2015
Facebook vs Instagram Users in the UK

The latest in the Facebook vs Instagram battle… According to a recent report by Global Web Index, active usage on Facebook in the UK dropped by 7% in the last year. It’s not a huge figure but it’s noteworthy, especially when you consider that Instagram grew its active users by 18% over the same period. This is […]

Bethany Carter,  February 17, 2015
Social Media Is Not Free

One of the biggest marketing myths of our time is that social media is free. If you are one of the many people running a business under this assumption, then I am sorry for what I am about to say. Let’s ignore native advertising for now and just look at organic social media campaigns (those that don’t […]

Bethany Carter,  February 3, 2015
Facebook ‘Save’ Is Good For Business

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news and commentary in your industry, Facebook can be a fantastic tool. There is a huge amount of high value content being shared all the time – all you have to do is follow the relevant Pages. Most Facebook users will dip in and out throughout the day […]

Bethany Carter,  January 27, 2015
Three Ways To Start Business Conversations on LinkedIn

I purposefully did not call this article ‘Three steps to winning business on LinkedIn’ because it’s not as easy as that, and anyone who tells you otherwise is oversimplifying. There is no such thing as a step-by-step guide for a successful conversation because, unless you are talking to your cat, you don’t know where it’s going to go. […]

Bethany Carter,  January 21, 2015
A Basic Guide To Posting Images On Social Media

There is more to posting images on social media than simply taking a photo and sticking it online. It’s worth considering which social network you will be using and how it will be displayed. As a general rule of thumb, try to take photographs in landscape with the focal point vertically and horizontally centred leaving […]

Bethany Carter,  January 13, 2015
The Easy Way To Plan Your Content For The Year Ahead

It’s all about the planning or, as I like to call it, getting your lemons in a row. If you want content marketing to work better for your business, ideally you need to aside some time to think about what you have coming up this year, what you wish to achieve with content marketing, what your audience […]

Bethany Carter,  January 8, 2015
Why You Should Train Your Employees On Social Media

Increasingly, businesses are expected to grant their entire teams access to their social media channels and this is considered best practice. However too many businesses are resisting this inevitable and necessary shift in communications. People buy from people. Your employees give your brand its ‘why’. You need to empower and enable your employees at all […]

Bethany Carter,  December 16, 2014
5 Social Media Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and this provides a great opportunity to have some fun with your social media marketing. The rules are 1) don’t go overboard 2) consider your audience 3) stay within the scope of your business. Consider what you can play with that would still communicate what you do or what you sell. Important: Please […]

Bethany Carter,  October 23, 2014
What The New Facebook ‘Click-Bait’ Posting Rules Mean For Businesses

Facebook recently changed its posting rules in a clampdown on ‘click-baiting.’ Here’s what you need to know… What is ‘click-baiting?’ “Click-baiting” is when a publisher posts a link with a headline that encourages people to click to see more, without telling them much information about what they will see. Posts like these tend to get […]

Bethany Carter,  October 7, 2014
Google Plus Inspiration From Big Brands

Google Plus has been around since 2011 and has over 540 million active users, yet many businesses are still struggling to get to grips with the social network. Here is some Google Plus inspiration from big brands to give you some ideas for your page… Mashable Mashable makes full use of the link previews on Google+ […]

Bethany Carter,  September 24, 2014
PR & Social Media For The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2014

This year, Lemon Squeezy Marketing managed the PR & Social Media for the Great Dorset Steam Fair for the 6th year running. It was a roaring success, with a huge amount of local and national media coverage and hundreds of thousands of visitors engaged with the event on social media. To mark the centenary, the 46th […]

Bethany Carter,  September 19, 2014
Keeping The Pace With Content Demand

The demand for good quality content is ever growing as small to medium companies follow in the footsteps of the large corporates, realising that customers don’t want to read features that speak to them like traditional advertisements. There will always be a place for bullet points on product and service features and summaries about their benefits, […]

Bethany Carter,  August 20, 2014
Why You Should Tell Stories

I recently gave a presentation to a group of professional therapists, offering some practical and realistic tips to help them tell their stories with social media. I thought I would share some of the top-line advice with you… Storytelling can enhance reputation, build relationships and promote customer loyalty. It can be a great way to brand your business in […]

Bethany Carter,  July 31, 2014
From Grumpy Graduate to Rural Entrepreneur

  This article was originally published in Behind The Spin, an online magazine for public relations students and young PR practitioners. When I graduated in 2010, the news was full of stories about the bleak economic environment and gloomy statistics related to university graduates and employment, so I was afraid that my happy university bubble was […]

Bethany Carter,  July 15, 2014
Competition Schm-ompetition: why competitors are friends not foes

I would like to share with you a little discovery I have made since starting my own business. I am specifically referring to small businesses and freelancers in the services industry when I say that competitors can be friends not foes, and it’s better to work with them than against them. When I first launched Lemon Squeezy […]

Bethany Carter,  July 9, 2014
Advocacy Is Its Own Reward

It has been said that only 1% of recommendations are driven by rewards. I’m not sure where that statistic comes from, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. Advocates tend to demonstrate the type of behaviour that is not in need of a physical incentive, and so offering them a reward for recommending your business is likely to […]

Bethany Carter,  June 16, 2014
You Can Edit Your LinkedIn Profile Without Announcing It To The World

Have you ever tweaked your job title on LinkedIn, only to find that all of a sudden your connections are congratulating you on the new job? So have I, and it was annoying to say the least – especially as it happened to me as I was about to leave that position. It’s because your default […]

Bethany Carter,  June 10, 2014
How To Choose Your Social Media Manager

Ask yourself this question: how intelligent is your customer? If the answer is ‘a few sandwiches short of a picnic’ then this article is probably not for you. If you’re still reading, I can only assume that your customer has a few brain cells. In which case, you need to hire a social media manager […]

Bethany Carter,  June 6, 2014