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Advocacy Is Its Own Reward

It has been said that only 1% of recommendations are driven by rewards. I’m not sure where that statistic comes from, but it doesn’t surprise me at all.

Advocates tend to demonstrate the type of behaviour that is not in need of a physical incentive, and so offering them a reward for recommending your business is likely to have the opposite effect.

Telling your customers you’ll give them vouchers or incentives to recommend you to their friends often comes across as desperate and inauthentic.

Let’s look at it this way…

If you recommend a product or service to a friend or colleague and they enjoy or benefit from it, you feel good about it. That’s the reward.

However if you hear that a friend is recommending something to you for a reward, you feel cheated and also get a bad feeling about the company. You’re actually less likely to buy.

In turn, the person recommending feels dishonest because they are not giving their friend 100% authentic advice. You don’t want those feelings associated with your brand, do you?

What you really need to do is give your advocates the opportunity to recommend you and they will do it. For example, instead of saying to your client “say something good about me and I’ll buy you a bottle of wine,” facilitate the interaction between your client and your prospects(s).

Then if you get the work, you could always buy your client a bottle of wine to say thanks. There is a line and you really need to draw it.

Would you ever pay for advocacy or reviews?
Bethany Carter,  June 16, 2014

2 Responses to “Advocacy Is Its Own Reward”

  1. Jane Adkins

    Very good advice Beth, and congratulations on the fab new website – really interesting reading – I shall definitely be recommending your social media skills!

  2. Bethany Ansell

    Thanks Jane, I am glad you like it and I appreciate the feedback!

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