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A Quick Guide To Winning With Twitter

Twitter is no walk in the park but once mastered, it can be a brilliant social media platform for increasing your brand’s visibility quickly and getting positive customer engagement. Here are some simple things you can do to increase your chances of winning with Twitter…

Complete your profile 

If you haven’t already done this, get a wriggle on! Completing your profile with information, description and a profile image is the first logical step to Twitter success. Don’t forget to include your website address in your biography as a clickable link. You only get one link space but you can put another one into your biography to promote other landing pages if you want to.

Be Consistent 

There are millions of posts going out daily and if you’re not consistently visible, your followers will forget about you. Sad but true. Aim for at least three posts each day, and more if you can. If you do not always have the time or it slips your mind some days, use a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your tweets ahead of time. There are certain times of the day which will lead to more engagement from your audience, so you should do some tests to see what times work best for you.

Aim For Engagement 

Yes it’s THAT word AGAIN, but getting your customers engaged is vital. Make sure you are asking questions and having two-way conversations. Perhaps you could ask for opinions on which colour should be chosen for your next product, posting two or three images and asking for suggestions. Consider using Twitter Polls to get your audience engaging with your posts. There are many other ways to engage with your audience, like following specific hashtags, joining trending topics and responding to others’ posts.

Have A Plan 

You should have a social media strategy in place and a solid plan to follow. You can plan your Twitter posts just as you might plan your blog content – and you’ll need one anyway if you want to schedule your updates in advance. A plan helps you to stay true to your brand messaging and avoid missing important dates, to mention a few things.


Use all of Twitter’s capabilities to assist you in growing your business, including adverts and lead cards. These enable your business to focus on specific audiences, with targeted adverts helping you to gain leads. There are many types of Twitter adverts to choose from, depending on what you want to achieve. Get started at

Use Visuals

Visuals are an essential component on Twitter, as they are on other social networks, so mix it up with images, gifs and videos. Specific advice on how to post, what to post, sizing, tags and more an be found in this Twitter support article. Consider your brand and be consistent with the type of images that you post.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the lifeblood of Twitter so they really are crucial to growing your presence on the platform. When deciding on hashtags to use for your post, do a little research to see how common they are, who is using them and what people are saying about them. Remember not to use more than two hashtags per tweet. Also, remember you can use the hashtags in the context of your post text instead of at the end.

Pin Your Tweets

Keeping certain posts at the top of your profile is a good strategy for drawing attention to your most important/relevant/popular posts. Pinned posts remain in place at the top of your profile and don’t get lost in your history. You could pin posts such as announcements, newsletter sign-up forms or your latest blog articles.

Use Analytics

Twitter provides you with an analytics dashboard and overall view of your account, enabling you to track engagement, retweets, clicks,  tweet impressions, follower demographics, top tweets and much more. You can access this for free at

Bethany Carter,  February 7, 2017

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