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5 More Common Social Media Mistakes (Part 2)

Social media mistakes are easily made by everyone from your local independent shopkeeper to the CEO of a multinational company.

In last week’s article we discussed five of the most common social media mistakes but we really only scratched the surface, so here are five more…

6. Promotion of Yourself

Too much self-promotion can be really annoying, and it won’t help you build and maintain relationships built on trust and likeability with your clients. Most people cringe at the thought of being sold to (especially here in the UK), so a more effective approach is to create and curate a harmonious blend of valuable and engaging content. It is always a good idea to ensure that you maintain consistency in your message, so steer away from sharing content that goes against your original mission statement.

7. Not Being ‘Real’

It is said that people buy from people they know, like and trust. So put a personal spin on your communications and especially when it comes to crafting your responses, don’t copy and paste generic replies. Rather, acknowledge comments by addressing the specific subject raised when a response is required. Mention the people who engage with you personally, and always use a name to sign off comments with. You can add this personal touch whether you are a sole trader or a multinational.

8. Forgetting Customer Service

Your social media channels may have been set up for marketing, but that’s not their only purpose (whether you like it or not). If you are reachable by social media then your customers will expect to contact you using those channels… about anything. If someone has a question about an order and voices it to you on social media, you need to deal with it as a matter of public reputation. If someone has posted a question with a problem that you have then provided a solution to via your response, it makes you look good. It’s even worth going the extra mile by following up with a question to see how they are getting on. Not only does this show that you care about your customers, it also demonstrates that you are on the ball and trustworthy.

9. Expecting Miracles

It’s a hard slog building your social media channels and it takes time, commitment and skill. You can achieve great things for your business and there are a million opportunities for you online, but you have to work at it. When things go viral, chance plays a part – brilliant content doesn’t share itself! You need to do your research, give your strategy some serious thought, expertly craft your content and then put in the hours to promote it.

10. Blind Sharing

There are so many things wrong with ‘blindly’ clicking share. It means you haven’t investigated the content properly to make sure that it’s true and appropriate, and you are potentially spreading damaging content to the followers you are hoping will trust you. For instance, have you ever retweeted something without actually clicking the link and seeing what’s behind it? Or shared a condemning report about a product or company on Facebook without verifying the validity of the source? Please stop doing it. Aside from the damage you could be doing to others, it’s really not good for your reputation either.

Bethany Carter,  March 15, 2016

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